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The Food:

The Crooked Roof takes pride in serving tasty quality food.   We char-grill our burgers, steaks and pork chops.   We hand make our pizza dough and roll pizzas to order.   We have fun with our menu and enjoy bringing you unique flavor combinations to explore and enjoy.

The Drink:

Beer, wine and liquor are available at The Crooked Roof.   Once you arrive you will realize that is an understatement.   We like to offer a variety for our guests to choose from so our booze list is huge.   We also offer a ton of craft beers to explore.   With so many flavors available to make our drinks as tasty and as interesting as our food, we like to remain well stocked for your enjoyment. 

The Place:

We found this gem of a building / location in 2014.  Once we made the purchase it was on to renovations.   The location used to be a place called Mac's.   Everyone in town remembers it as a great place to get a bite to eat and have a drink.  It had been closed for several years since then and it was time to give this fantastic building a new look.   After renovations we opened our doors in April 2014 and have had a fantastic time since showing off our place to those who come to explore what we have to offer.

The Fun:

Not only does The Crooked Roof offer great food and a vast variety of drink options, we also like to have a good time.   Check our schedule for special events.   The Crooked Roof is a great place to gather with friends and family to get out and about and have some fun.


The Outside:

We have a beer garden available for outside dining, drinking and star gazing.   It's a great place to have lunch or an afternoon snack as well to enjoy the sun.   







109 E Carroll St

Lanark IL 61046



Tuesday  -- Sunday

11am -- Close

(9pm or later)


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